Type Gang is a collective of designers, illustrators and artists that strive to curate the best inspiration and provide the most trusted recommendations for industry tools, resources and products. Our contributors are expert freelancers and agency owners who live and breathe design. In addition to our expertise, we will source data, and real-world experiences from peers, students, business owners, developers, and whoever can provide insight into the articles we are writing.

What’s with the name?

It’s a silly (unfunny) joke that just got away from us. Type Gang was a way to share designs that, over time, grew into multiple channels. There wasn’t much planning in the early days, so there wasn’t much emphasis on the title. We still like the name, but if we knew where it would end up, we might have picked something that made a bit more sense.

Getting here and thank yous.

While we don’t focus on Instagram anymore, that’s where we started, and we’ve connected with some wonderful people on the way. Without their support and help, we’d never have had the enthusiasm to keep going.

Luis Rodriguez

Scotty Russell

Glenn Wolk

Maggie Enterrios

Rob Draper

David Milan

Lisa Quine

Pez and Pencil

Novia Jonatan

Spun Inthawong

Tobias Saul

Chandan Mahimkar

Brian Wrensen

Loïc Ledoux

Edvinas Binderis

Dan Lee

Memo Vigil

Krishna Kastubi

Brad Flaherty

There are so many more that deserve shout outs so please forgive us if you aren’t listed here.