What is Type Gang?

Type Gang was a way to share designs that, over time, grew into multiple channels. It has been chiefly the work of one person (me), but numerous amazing designers have worked on it in various forms. Now Type Gang is a website, an outlet for creative content to help brand-new and experienced designers.

What ISN’T Type Gang?

An attempt to dupe people out of their money through fake reviews. Unfortunately, it’s tough to get a genuine review or recommendation. There is way too much SEO spam trying to convince you to buy a shit product because the affiliate commission pays well. The affiliate blog industry has poisoned Google search results. I don’t want to fool people into purchasing terrible products (search for ‘Best {insert product type}’ in Google, and the top 10 results will be affiliate blogs). I want to provide honest content that has genuine value. This site will still have advertisements and some affiliate links, but they will only be for products I have tried or genuinely believe in.

What does the name mean?

There was little planning in the early days, so there wasn’t much emphasis on the title. Instead, I picked something short with a free Instagram handle and domain. I still like the name, but I might have thought more about it if I knew it would last this long.

Who are Type Gang?

Head of Type Gang (HOTG)

Right now, it’s just me - HOTG. It’s a pseudonym that will probably get less and less amusing over time, but it’s on par with the site title - Type Gang. I’ve been a designer for a long time. I’ve made a very good living as a freelancer, creative director, and agency owner. I’ve seen more portfolios and resumes than I could count, and I know what makes designers desirable and what appeals to clients. Helping others succeed is what makes me happy. That’s what I’m trying to do with Type Gang.

Occasionally there might be others providing content, but for the most part, what is written on the site will be based on the design lessons, tips, secrets, and pitfalls I have experienced.

Getting here and thank yous.

While I don’t focus on Instagram anymore, that’s where it started, and I’ve connected with some wonderful people on the way. Without their support and help, I’d never have had the enthusiasm to keep going.

There are so many more that deserve shout outs so please forgive us if you aren’t listed here.